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Greig Leach
Contemporary figurative art created with oilsticks on paper, color based images of people, food and faith-based iconography
Richmond, Virginia

Contemporary Art by Greig Leach



All of these paintings have been created with Shiva Paintstiks on paper.  The work is about color and to that end the medium necessitates that all of the color is created right on the surface of the painting.  Working from a combination of memory, sketches and varied source materials, I am painting images that have imprinted themselves on my minds eye.  This approach allows me to let go of the specific demands of model and local color and frees the painting to develop within the needs of the pictorial space and color.  In other words, I let the painting paint itself.  The narrative element in my painting is an honest observation of the world around me.  Not an illustration of a point of view nor a political message, but a series of collective images that reflect the life of one artist in one set of circumstances. living and working in a particular culture.  My work balances on the edge of tradional divide between abstract formal painting (exploring issures of color, form, texture and scale) and narrative story telling.  Simiularly the medium stradles the divide between painting and drawing.  I am working with traditional drawing media and surface, but creating images that are completely based in the formal aspects of painting.  This web site shows the four seperate arenas that I am currently working.  The narrative figurative work, non-traditional still lifes based on food and drink, landscapes realized through gardens and flowers, and images derived from traditional Christian imagery.



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